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In Facersa-Online, we provided solutions to him so that it does not waste its time. You do not have the necessity to buy outside our Web.

Our 13 years of experience in the Import and distribution of electronic components he allows to find and to provide parts, pieces, spare parts, equipment of telecommunications, measuring instruments and test us, automatization generally, Electronic Card design and manufacture.

You will find thousand of products guaranteed and made a will thanks to our service of Technical Support, that gives the best advising him of the fastest way.

Most important manufacturers
With the passage of the years we have constructed our product range from the best manufacturers, in such a way that it can be certainly Facersa provides products to him of high quality which it can trust.

You can choose between an amplest range of electrical, electronic, mechanical, I.T and of security and hygiene, all of them in stock and provided products when need you them.

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You can before trust the quality and service of Facersa and after its purchase because all the process is developed easily.

It will count on the lines of telephone attention of technical support, service of support Web, lines of attention to the client and an ample fan of resources available Online.

The functionality of the Search in Facersa and the Catalogue Online provide powerful tools to look for products and the information to him that needs the easiest form.